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Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and advanced rehabilitation in Devon

Would you like a professional team to help you take control of your health and put you back in the driving seat? A team who understands that treatment alone is not enough to fully rehabilitate you and who will be with you all the way through your recovery to see you return to health? Then Intelligent Rehabilitation is right for you.

If you want to make changes in your life, be out of pain, healthier and feeling better we will guide you through the whole process getting you healthy again.

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Be intelligently rehabilitated. We are Osteopaths, physiotherapists, nutritional experts and acupuncturists versed in prescriptive exercises, strength & conditioning and advanced rehabilitation and most importantly, we care about your health.

Thanks to the high tech equipment we have available at our disposal we are able to offer the full rehabilitation package. Whether you need:

Alter G Rehabilitation

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Pressure Plate Gate Analysis

Golf Swing Analysis

Hydro Therapy

Hyperbaric Chamber (Oxygen Rich Or Poor Environments For Training Or Rehab)

We are the only private clinic in Devon that is able to offer such a complete and full care system and is that not what you deserve? We can help achieve the best from your body and get you pain-free and motivated once more.

For more information on the Osteopathy and Physiotherapy services we offer in Devon, or to book an appointment please call 01752 424802 or email us at john@intelligent.rehab