What is A.I.R

What Is Actively Intelligent Rehabilitation (AIR)

AIR is a complete health care system that takes into account:

Treatment for strength and conditioing needs.

How did AIR get developed?

By John Evans following sever damage to his Axillary nerves in his shoulders which lead to months of severe pain, muscle wasting and the inability to lift his arms.

back pain

John was put on high dosage steroid treatment and several strong pain killers all of which was of little to no help but lead to depression, lack of energy and the inability to function on a day to day basis. Following months of unremitting pain, John decided to change his whole life style! Which with 3 children under 7 and being unable to lift his arms it was no easy task but it was possible!

John researched the best foods and vitamins for nerve repair & anti-inflammatory properties. Also, what foods to avoid and how they could be replaced without his children noticing.

"I wanted to give my body the best chance to heal itself".

John went into greater depth exploring the exercises, using visualisation and mindfulness and started living healthier. He also had osteopathic treatment as needed.

In under 3 weeks, the pain levels had dropped from a 10/10 to a 3/10. Some control over his arms had returned which was obviously still weak and a work in progress but the progression was fantastic. John was happier and his depression lifted.

The whole episode demonstrated so much of what he already knew, but had previously failed to put into action. The body is an integrated unit and needs to be treated this way.

Far too many professionals will separate an injury from general health and this simply does not and will not work effectively.

Don’t try to fix one thing rehab your LIFE.

If you have an injured shoulder, knee, hip, back etc and have been trying to rehab this without applying the principals of AIR, the best that can hope to be achieved is a temporary fix, just waiting for the next problem. Putting a plaster over It does not make it better!

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