Meet the team

John Evans

Posts Held

  • Head of clinical practice for Osteopathy (Oxford Brookes university)
  • Head of Technique Unit for Osteopathy (British school of Osteopathy)
  • Senior Lecturer in Bio mechanics (Swansea university)
  • Senior Lecturer on structure and function in health and disease (Oxford Brooks university)
  • Affiliated Lecturer at Marjon university

I have over 10 years of experience in the treatment, management & rehabilitation of patients suffering from many different conditions and causes of pain. Since graduating in 2006 as an Osteopath I have completed extensive further training and am a qualified Acupuncturist, Sonographer, Nutritionist, strength and conditioning coach and advanced rehabilitation specialist.

I have been heavily involved in higher education and held several prestigious posts. My time teaching at university taught me much in the way of application of my knowledge. However, being diagnosed with Acute Brachial Neuritis and having to seriously revaluate my own health, and taught me more than all my years at university and clinical practise ever could. It allowed me to be truly insightful about what the body needs and taught me how to rebuild health and then maintain it!

I utilise this knowledge in the treatment of all my patients.

I am married to Stephanie Evans and we have 3 children and more than anything I enjoy spending time with my family, keeping healthy and enjoying life!

Stephanie Evans

Posts Held

  • Senior Lecturer on structure and function in health and disease (Oxford Brooks University)
  • Clinical Tutor Osteopathy (Oxford Brookes university)

Like John I have over 10 years’ experiences as an Osteopath. I qualified from the European School of Osteopathy with a BSc (Hons) Ost degree. Prior to my Osteopathy training, I also gained a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiology and Pharmacology (Bio-sciences) at Leicester University. Through my experience working at several busy multidisciplinary clinics from Worcester to London, I have developed advanced paediatric, maternity & musculo-skeletal skills. I have a varied patient base but have special interest in treating babies, children and pre & postnatal women.

Having my own children has given me an insight into the experiences new mums go through and enables me to provide an empathic ear and a family focused approach to treatment.

I have run a multitude of professional courses for other Osteopaths, Physios and chiropractors focusing on areas such as: technique, physiology, pharmacology of common drugs, a best practice approach to treating babies and woman’s health.

When not at work I enjoy spending time with my family and keeping active.

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