Session Information & Costs

Your first visit

A complete case history will be taken from you which will include your past medical history and information regarding your current condition.

We will discuss your goals & lifestyle including your diet, exercise, habits and hobbies. We will then examine you and asses your overall function and then discus our findings with you including helping you to understand their relevance.

Following your first visit an A.I.R treatment plan will be developed.

This will incorporate :

  • Your nutritional needs
  • Prescriptive exercises
  • Strength and reconditioning
  • Osteopathic / Physiotherapy / Acupuncture treatment plan

Your first session may last up to 60 minutes. Follow up appointments typically last 30 minutes and this time is split between hands on treatment such as manipulation and acupuncture and physical rehab, strength and reconditioning.

The split will vary from person to person and dependent on where you are in your programme.


  • Initial session including all programme development - £60
  • All other sessions - £40

For more information on the Osteopathy and Physiotherapy services we offer in Devon, or to book an appointment please call 01752 424802 or email us at